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Rabbi Avi Weinstein

Message Rabbi Weinstein
Rabbi Avi Weinstein taught at Yeshivat Hamivtar and Michlelet Bruria from 1979 until 1984. He also has been a talmid of Rabbi Brovender since 1975. He is currently the Head of Jewish Studies at The Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy in Overland Park, Kansas. He blogs frequently at: scorchintorah.com and invites you to come and join him at your convenience.

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What Constitutes A Good Person?
Chasidic Masters on the Yamim Noraim
Chassidic Masters on Chanuka and Purim
Chassidic Masters on Purim
Chassidut of Rosh HaShana
Eicha and Other Stories of the Temple's Destruction
Gevurat Hashem of the Maharal of Prague Part 1
Gevurat Hashem of the Maharal of Prague Part 2
Gevurat Hashem of the Maharal of Prague Part 3
Halachic Framework for Meaningful Yamim Noraim
How Chassidic Masters Read Into the Depths of Torah
Maharal of Prague: Netiv HaTorah Part 1
Maharal of Prague: Netiv HaTorah Part 2
Maharal of Prague: Netiv HaTorah Part 3
Maharal's Novel Insights on Aggadot Chazal
Midrash and Aggada Part 1
Midrash and Aggada Part 2
Midrash and Aggada: Judgement to Mercy
Midrash Esther Rabba
Midrash Kohelet Rabba
Midrashic Literature on Creation
Mini-Series: Ruth & Eicha Rabba
Mitzvot Between People
Netivot Olam of the Maharal of Prague
Pesach According to Rav Levy Yitzchak of Berditchev
Pesach with the Chasidic Masters
Pesach with the Chasidic Masters
Praying in a Time of Need
Purim and its Mitzvot
Purim Through the Eyes of the Hasidic Masters
Purim with the Chasidic Masters
Shavuot: The Biblical Origins and Evolution of a Holiday
Siddur Part 1
Siddur Part 2
Siddur Part 3
Talmud Torah or Why are you Jews so Smart?
Teshuva's Mystical Meanderings toward the Awe-ful Days
The Four Fasts: A Primer
The Gevurat Hashem of the Maharal of Prague Part 4
The Holiness of Repentance
The Laws of Meat and Milk
The Maharal on Aggadot Concerning Revelation, Justice & Mercy
The Weekly Torah Portion
The Weekly Torah Portion: Vayakel-Tzav
The Women of Rosh HaShana
Topics in Hilchot Kashrut
Torah 101 - The High Holidays
Tu B'Shevat
What is Chanuka: A Look at the Sources

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